Overcoming challenges faced by women in the crypto industry

Empowering Women in the Cryptocurrency Industry Through the Metzora Community

Women in Crypto is an initiative that strives to equip women with the necessary knowledge and abilities to prosper in a blockchain and Web3-oriented world. Given the increasing importance of crypto literacy in the digital economy, the program is committed to delivering critical education on blockchain technology and highlighting the many possibilities presented by this fast-evolving industry.

The educational approach of Women in Crypto differs from conventional classroom courses or online programs as it believes in the power of building a community of women with shared interests and goals. The program aims to encourage mutual support and collaboration among women to succeed financially and leverage this innovative technology.

committed to empowering women

Metzora Women in Crypto is dedicated to establishing a robust community of women by organizing gatherings, educational activities, business associations, and transactions.

The purpose of Metzora Women in Crypto is to enable women to gain power and resources through the use of blockchain technologies by:

- Providing educational resources and materials to women through various means such as meetups, workshops, learning events, and collaborations, among other methods.

- Establishing a robust community of women who have a shared interest in the cryptocurrency industry.

- Encouraging and assisting women to develop, cooperate and thrive in their personal and professional pursuits related to the blockchain industry.

- Having the opportunity to meet and engage with professionals who are experts in the industry to enhance learning and to take advantage of new opportunities.

- Having the opportunity to meet and engage with professionals who are experts in the industry to enhance learning and to take advantage of new opportunities.

Our goal is to include you in the Women Do Crypto community and the expanding blockchain movement.

Forum & Members Area

Apart from organizing educational and networking meetups, Metzora Women in Crypto also provides its community with a Forum and a Members area to enhance our connections and provide additional knowledge about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The main objective of the Women Do Crypto Forum is to connect women with similar interests in the crypto industry, exchange information, gain more knowledge, and establish social and business connections.

This network is designed for interaction, sharing, seeking advice and support, exploring opportunities, and building new relationships.

Joining the Metzora Women in Crypto community as a member will give you the opportunity to...

● Broaden your understanding of the crypto industry
● Access new and valuable information
● Share ideas and knowledge with others
● Establish yourself and your expertise within the community
● Connect with other crypto enthusiasts
● Strengthen your social and business networks.

Metzora Women in Crypto Event

Crypto Workshop

The workshop is a comprehensive 6-hour course that merges theoretical concepts with practical application and individual assignments. All attendees are urged to bring their computers to the session. The workshop offers a thorough introduction to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments.

You will gain

    ● Gain a thorough comprehension of blockchain technology
    ● Explore the functioning of cryptocurrencies
    ● Analyze the potential risks and rewards in the cryptocurrency industry
    ● Learn multiple methods to earn profits through cryptocurrency
    ● Consider various factors while examining cryptocurrencies
    ● Familiarize oneself with cryptocurrency data websites
    ● Learn to identify market trends and avoid fraudulent schemes
    ● Discover a range of tools for cryptocurrency trading
    ● Effortlessly navigate through different cryptocurrency exchanges and create an account.

    Next workshop will be announced soon

Afternoon Crypto Meetups

Every month, we will hold a meeting to discuss a topic that pertains to the blockchain industry. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with fellow members, express your thoughts and viewpoints, establish new connections, and gain knowledge from the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency field.


    ● Next Event: Retrospective of 2024 crypto market
    ● Date: 26th April
    ● Time: 4pm-5pm
    ● Location: Guildford Rd, Wotton, Dorking RH5 6HS, UK ​

    The event is free to attend however you have to be an active member on Metzora capital.

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