Diversified, multi-strategy investment approach

Institutional-grade exposure to emerging digital asset strategies.

The Metzora Vision Hill Multi-Strategy Fund of Funds is one of the first and longest running dedicated multi-strategy FoFs in the digital asset market with a successful 3-year track record of investing in high quality digital asset manager strategies.

Alternative investment


Long only  •  Long/short  •  Multi-strat

Deep value research + tactical, catalyst,
and event driven positioning.

High conviction asset selection.

Market Neutral

Arbitrage  •  Credit / yield  •  Options

Credit and yield driven strategies with digital asset collateral.

Options, derivatives, and volatility strategies.

Financial functions

Quant systematic

Directional  •  Multi-strat

“Risk-on” / “risk-off” models.

Algorithmic momentum, trend following, mean-reversion, arbitrage & HFT systematic trading.

Smart Contracts

Tactical Beta

Diversified index  •  Single-asset vehicles

Passive strategies offer predictable and dedicated exposure to certain cryptoassets.

Single asset (e.g. BTC or ETH) or diversified index exposure depending upon the product.

Metzora Vision Hill

EST. 2021

Rigorous, dynamic, and thesis-driven approach to manager selection and allocation.

In May 2021, Metzora Capital acquired Vision Hill Group, an institutional-grade multi-manager crypto funds platform.

Metzora Vision Hill sits within the Metzora Capital brand and combines Metzora Capital’s strong crypto community connectivity with Vision Hill’s existing market intelligence, track record, and history of deep manager diligence in the space.

is our edge

Multi-Strategy Fund of Funds



Proprietary analytics models provide visibility of top-performing strategies. VISIONTRACK™ is a market leading database of crypto hedge fund performance and buy-side market intelligence. Better data leads to smarter investment decisions.



Exceptional connectivity throughout the blockchain and digital assets ecosystem. Metzora Vision Hill has a proven history of accessing hard-to-reach or capacity-constrained opportunities and, in some cases, has been able to negotiate favorable investment terms, improved liquidity, or reduced fees.



Extensive understanding across portfolio and risk management, due diligence, and valuation.

3+ year track record of investing in high quality digital asset manager strategies.

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Eligibility Requirements

Qualified Purchaser




Key terms

Qualified Purchasers
Min. investment
MGMT fee
1.5% per annum
Performance allocation
10%, annualized crystallization, standard HWM
Quarterly, subject to lock-up period with 60 days' notice
Lock up
30 months

Service providers

Fund counsel
Cole-Frieman & Mallon
Opus Fund Service
Fund auditor
Cohen & Co.
Fund tax counsel
Cohen & Co.
Banking partner
Signature Bank
Digital custodian
Coinbase Custody
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